Living From the Center Within (Paragon House, 2017)

Living From the Center Within is a highly engaging, interactive, informative and accessible journey toward higher consciousness. Moving from personal pain and lacking to abundance and wholeness is possible. Living From the Center Within helps readers center, quiet and open the mind-body-heart. Using the wisdom of ancient teaching and modern science, invitations to daily transformative practice and reflection questions, Michele Rae (Season 3, Episode 316) walks with readers through three levels of human consciousness. Expanding awareness, focusing attention and clarifying intention brings people to their center within.

Living from one’s true nature amplifies creativity and benefits the personal and professional life. It also has collective impact culturally, politically and economically as people become more effective at service, relationships and work. Living From the Center Within explains how minds, bodies and emotions are intertwined, and gives the reader tools to move toward a healthier self. It is for people eager to actualize their beings and fall in love with their lives. You can live full-out and fearlessly from a sense of calm, joy, and peace. With increased awareness, we naturally shift toward transparency, compassion, tolerance and interdependence. Now is the time for humanity to claim a higher level of consciousness for personal and communal growth.

Love-Based Money & Mindset: Make the Money You Desire Without Selling Your Soul (Creative Concepts & Copywriting LLC, 2017)

Are you ready to step into a life of peaceful prosperity? For many of us, money is a source of angst. Maybe there’s never enough and it’s a constant source of stress. Maybe no matter how hard you work, you’re never able to get ahead. Or maybe you’re in so much debt, all you feel is shame and despair.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re in for a treat. Love-Based Money and Mindset is designed to help you heal your relationship with money so you not only feel peaceful about it, but you’re also able to attract all the abundance you want.

While this book is designed to help everyone who struggles with money issues, it’s particularly helpful for those who have (or want to have) a business. Michele Pariza Wacek (Season 3, Episode 314) reveals the bottom line: The more you can cultivate a love-based mindset, the more easily and effortlessly you’ll attract money into your life.

getting unstuck

Getting unSTUCK: Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being (Three Gems Publishing, 2016)

Feeling stuck? It happens to everyone. Whether we’re facing everyday stumbles or big, complex issues, we can get stuck on emotions, beliefs, and habits of thinking. And that can block us from making our lives, relationships, and work as rich and rewarding as they could be.

The S.T.U.C.K. Method gets you unstuck. Based on the concepts of mindfulness and psychology, Shira Taylor Gura (Season 3, Episode 313) has developed a simple technique you can practice anytime, anywhere to overcome emotional challenges and enhance your well-being.

The stories, tools, and worksheets from Getting unSTUCK will help you laugh, empathize, and learn how to turn your “stuck” spots into sources for energy and positive change.

#KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything (Hay House, Inc., 2017)

GORDANA BIERNAT (Season 3, Episode 312) is the only European to have been named an Oprah Winfrey SuperSoul 100 Teacher. Her straightforward and empowering tweets have already inspired hundreds of thousands across the globe and this book is a collection of her most profound wisdom.

#KnowTheTruth will open your eyes to your true potential and inherent inner power; it will remind you of who you are and why you are here.

All the ‘truth thoughts’ in this book have ONE purpose – to help you understand yourself and your place in the world. The truth is never complicated or irrational; the truth always feels easy and right. If you have an unresolved issue or need guidance, just ask ‘What is my message for today?’ then open this book and read the message it has for you.

Shake It Up

Shake It Up! (Balboa Press, 2016)

Groundbreaking explorations that maximize your creativity, vitality, and robust sense of wonder. Become smarter, more resourceful and innovative, and enjoy life as a magnificent adventure.

Audrey Hazekamp (Season 1, Episode 3) and Oxana Holtman’s Shake It Up! Journal offers up the big questions and explorations right to your creative doorway…making living life as an adventure easier than ever.

In Shake It Up!, Audrey and Oxana introduce stimulating day by day invitations to experience life as a creative adventure. Open to any page and dive in to discover new ways to live life to the max…your way!
——- Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., Author of The Big Leap

“With great creativity and imagination, this journal/book invites us out of limiting patterns of thought and activity, and enhances our capacity to live and love fully.”
——-Tara Brach, PhD., Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

Shake It Up! is a journal-book for anyone and everyone interested in reclaiming their creativity.  In the process of engaging with these daily activities, wonder and thriving are nourished, and readers open the doors that lead to self-discovery in all friendly ways.
——- Gunnar Lovelace, Founder, co-CEO, Thrive Market

Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change (tria Books/Beyond Words, 2015)

In his bestselling book Emergence, Derek Rydall (Season 2, Episode 307) helps you throw aside the self-help books and recognize one simple, radical truth: the answer is already in you.

The harder we try to change, the deeper in the hole we get. We find a new partner but have the same old fights. We strive for an ever-bigger paycheck but end up broke at a higher income bracket.

This is what happens when the basic principle of life—the Law of Emergence—is disrupted, stopping you from knowing that you are the perfect you. Like an acorn is a perfect acorn that becomes a perfect oak tree, there is not a part of you from beginning to end that isn’t exactly what you should be.

The Law of Emergence provides the foundation to re-engage with this ancient principle. In this seven-stage framework, spiritual life coach Derek Rydall shows that we aren’t lacking anything; everything we need to fulfill our full potential is already inside us.

Backed by an ancient truth that has largely been lost, Rydall changes the conversation around how to achieve your potential by showing you how to activate the genius already in you and empower your purpose in life.

If you are struggling to improve something about yourself—your health, your mindset, your relationships, then Emergence is the book and Derek is the teacher you have been waiting for.

The Tao of the Unbreakable Man (Let's Tell Your Story Publishing, 2016)

“I found myself living with a hooker, buying and selling drugs and slowly rotting in Chico”

Born in a hippy commune in Berkeley, California, during the notorious ‘Summer of Love’, Emmanuel Wolfe’s childhood, was marked by violence, brainwashing, drug abuse, and worst of all, no guidance.

Drifting from place to place and job to job, unable to settle, living a life steadily becoming utterly out of control, he ended up a hopeless, homeless deadbeat, addicted to drink and drugs, on a dizzying downward spiral, smashing down to rock bottom.

Emmanuel Wolfe (Season 2, Episode 274) was able to turn his life around. The Tao of the Unbreakable Man is nothing less than a testament to what can be achieved with the power of self-belief to create a better future.

Now he works with people all over the world who want to transform their lives through communication mastery, mindset mastery and internal transformation. His story is nothing less than a testament to what we can achieve when we never give up belief in ourselves and our ability to create our reality.

The Voice of Your Dreams: Turn Down the Voices of Limitation and Turn Up the Volume of Success (New Dreamers Publishing, 2016)

In a how-to saturated culture, we often know the path to the things we want in life. If we would just stay on that path, then success (vocationally, relationally, and financially) is a likely byproduct…right?! 

The problem comes when we allow our limiting voices, our negative self-talk, to continually derail us from that path. 

The more insidious part is that we usually don’t even realize we’re being guided by these internal voices, because we’ve become so accustomed to living with them. We instead begin to believe that their whisperings are simply the truth about life.

In The Voice of Your Dreams, Aaron Anastasi (Season 2, Episode 298) will show you how to silence limiting voices that may be impeding your progress, and help you to live into the greatest version of you. 

The Voice of Your Dreams is calling to you, but it can be difficult to hear, and follow, when the voices of limitation are shouting so much louder.

Isn’t it time you heeded the call?

Master the Day: Eat, Move and Live Better With The Power of Tiny Habits (Alexander Heyne, 2015)

You probably already know all the obvious health and weight loss tips… so why don’t you have your dream body?

What one early reviewer has already said has, “transformed my life more than any other book I’ve read on the subject,” MASTER THE DAY is a different way to think about getting the health, body, and life you want – by changing tiny habits, no matter what diet you’re on.

In MASTER THE DAY, you’ll learn:

– The 9 daily success habits of people that lost over 100+ pounds in a healthy way, and kept it off years later

– The four horsemen of the health apocalypse – what simple, overlooked habits cause repetitive failure no matter how many diets we try

– Unlimited motivation – the willpower and discipline myth: How to be healthier with LESS discipline, and without all the “fitspiration” rah rah motivational junk.

-How NOT having weight loss goals can actually make you MORE successful – without the constant guilt, self hatred and frustration

Every month, over 170,000 readers visit Alexander Heyne’s website,, to discover a different, more practical way to look and feel amazing (especially as a parent or busy professional), by using the power of tiny habits.

Interviewed by God: A Journey to Freedom (Puddledancer Press, 2014)

Interviewed by God is an account of Beth Banning’s (Season 2, Episode 282) journey of spiritual awakening—her conscious connection with God and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

From a very young age, Banning experienced phenomena that could only be called extraordinary: she’s received messages from spirit animals, felt kundalini energy awaken in her, and experienced dimensional shifts in her awareness that have allowed her to witness what only a few have seen. She was visited by totem animals, took ritualistic baths, and visited shamans and healers; she experienced ecstatic states and received messages; her ego mind began to battle against her higher mind.

As she experienced her spiritual journey, a small voice within guided her. With doubt as her constant companion she continued to follow her inner promptings, which led her to higher levels of truth about her connection to herself and the world and reality as we know it.

Written in a format in which the author is “Interviewed by God”, the book is meant to be a mirror for the reader to reflect their own experiences back to them, and a gentle guide for those who are at the precipice of an extraordinary adventure and are either scared to jump or who hunger for answers and understanding.