Season 4, Episode 397: Anne Gordon – Whale & Dolphin Wisdom Retreat Guide & Speaker

Today’s guest is Anne Gordon. Anne created her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats to share her love of dolphins, whales, the ocean and nature with others. She has developed a close, personal spiritual relationship with the dolphins and whales and feels they are her true soul family.

Anne Gordon

Anne runs her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom retreats around the world to let people immerse themselves in the powerful healing energy of the dolphins and whales.

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One thought on “Season 4, Episode 397: Anne Gordon – Whale & Dolphin Wisdom Retreat Guide & Speaker

  1. I love your podcast. I came here to comment specifically on this episode. When you asked Anne Gordon about the animals kept in captivity for human use, her response was that she received a spiritual download/message from an Orca at Seaworld that they chose to be there. While I definitely believe in receiving messages spiritually and communicating with other beings including animals of other species, this isn’t an acceptable justification for enslaving another being. If they want to be there then Seaworld or others making money literally off of their backs should never physically restrain them. Create a canal and if they truly want to be there they will choose to come in and swim with humans or perform for them. I have seen many people justify taking life and liberty from others by claiming the victim consented or that they felt spiritually it was okay, but this is false. Animals cannot consent to such things, and if given the option of freedom they will take it. That isn’t to say they will not voluntarily interact with us, but we must always retain equal respect for another beings rights to not be enslaved, confined, killed, or otherwise used as a commodity.