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Released Episode
29  Jun  2021 439: Belkis Clarke-Mitcham helps women break free from trauma Download
22  Jun  2021 438: Relationship Expert Roy Biancalana is Back Download
15  Jun  2021 437: Rikka Zimmerman is back with an exciting Consciousness Symposium Download
27  Jul  2020 436: Janine Miller-DeLany talks about Your Indelible Worth and the message Love has for you Download
20  Jul  2020 435: Joya P. Galasch shows us how gratitude and self-love are a transformational combo! Download
13  Jul  2020 434: Erik Leslie is a master of Meditation and Flow Download
24  Jun  2020 433: Rikka Zimmerman helps guide us to Higher Consciousness Download
16  Jun  2020 432: Debra Poneman shares her journey of the Yes to Success! Download
08  Jun  2020 431: Shanthi Yogini explains yoga as the science of how to live Download
03  Jun  2020 430: Taj Leahy helps explore Racism in America and what we can do about it Download
01  Jun  2020 429: Karen Aberle helps you identify your communication missteps. Download
25  May  2020 428: Haifa Blanchard inspires us to Aim Higher and overcome our personal obstacles Download
11  May  2020 427: Ariel Garten reveals the meditation magic of The MUSE! Download
04  May  2020 426: Alexandra Stockwell explains compromise in relationships on a whole new level Download
27  Apr  2020 425: REMIX - Are subconscious blocks keeping you from getting started? Download
24  Apr  2020 424: Alyson Franz can help you break free from your grief and thrive Download
20  Apr  2020 423: Lucas Roy Lehman leads the path in neurotransformational coaching! Download
17  Apr  2020 422: Amanda Rose Loveland and Michael Chorvat are In Love (a musical duo) Download
15  Apr  2020 421: Eva Vennari is on a mission to dismantle the status quo in the "sickness" industry Download
13  Apr  2020 420: Natasha Che shares her awakening experience and how you might find your own Download
10  Apr  2020 419: Marie-Elizabeth Mali helps us take responsibility for our own mental and emotional states Download
08  Apr  2020 418: Allana Pratt is here to inspire your delicious sass! Download
06  Apr  2020 417: Eden Amadora is helping to heal the rift between the masculine and feminine Download
03  Apr  2020 416: Amanda Biccum supports men in stress reduction and burnout prevention Download
01  Apr  2020 415: Melissa Binkley helps us tap into Intuitive Intelligence and finally Get It! Download
30  Mar  2020 414: Erin Burch helps women reverse their aging process Download
27  Mar  2020 413: Rachel Grant shares her wisdom on sexual abuse recovery Download
25  Mar  2020 412: Natasha Todorovic-Cowan breaks down Spiral Dynamics for us Download
23  Mar  2020 411: Sharla Jacobs joins Michael for a discussion on the coronavirus and the conscious business pivots Download
20  Mar  2020 410: Junie Moon Schreiber shows you how to magnetize your man! Download
18  Mar  2020 409: Rosie Aiello and her daughter make a great and harrowing escape Download
16  Mar  2020 408: Sharón Lynn Wyeth reveals the secret of Neimology Download
09  Mar  2020 407: Theresa Sue Seabaugh Memorial Episode Download
06  Mar  2020 406: Rhoberta Shaler can open your eyes to the "Hijackals" in your life Download
04  Mar  2020 405: Joyce Dales shows us how to "put a little honey on it" Download
02  Mar  2020 404: Adaline East and Michael explore multi-dimensionality, vibrational frequency and more Download
28  Feb  2020 403: Scot Conway wants to spread the word (and the power) of Heroic Masculinity Download
26  Feb  2020 402: Devin Galaudet shares his stories, his travels, and... his Bride? Download
24  Feb  2020 401: Dr. Joanne Lefebrve Connolly reveals the teachings of our furry friends! Download
07  Jan  2020 400: Ram Dass Documentary by Gay Dillingham Revisited Download
27  Nov  2019 399: Petia Kolibova explores personal evolution through both mind and body Download
25  Nov  2019 398: Jane Guyn joins us for a look at the factors behind our sex drive Download
22  Nov  2019 397: Anne Gordon shares with us the wisdom of dolphins and whales Download
20  Nov  2019 396: Anastasia Chopelas shares dimensionality and scientific healing in new ways Download
18  Nov  2019 395: Jennifer Hurvitz tells it like it is in this discussion about divorce and so much more Download
15  Nov  2019 394: Vivian Geffen shows us how to face the challenges of empty-nesters Download
13  Nov  2019 393: Sandra Millers Younger helps you shift from victim mentality to a survivor mindset Download
11  Nov  2019 392: Robert Kopecky Died 3 Times and Lived to Tell About It Download
16  Oct  2019 391: Sofiah Thom brings sacred sexuality to movement and beyond Download
13  Oct  2019 390: George Stavrou brings a conscious approach to health and wellness Download
30  Sep  2019 389: Joanie Connell shows us how to consciously prepare today's youth for tomorrow's challenges Download
23  Sep  2019 388: Valerie Lemme reveals the healing power of FutureVisioning Download
13  Sep  2019 387: Lightworkers, Torchbearers, Trailblazers - this show's for you! Download
03  Sep  2019 386: Kim Fiske reveals the Monster Under the Bed Download
20  Aug  2019 385: Jeremy Slate brings consciousness to branding and more Download
12  Aug  2019 384: Jacqui Letran helps you subdue your "inner bully" Download
22  Jul  2019 383: Josh Trent advocates for changing our focus from fitness to wellness Download
18  Jul  2019 382: Gary Sinclair reveals the power of love-living over love-seeking Download
13  Jul  2019 381: Tara Mullarkey takes on the masculine/feminine rift Download
24  Jun  2019 380: Kim Trosper helps aleviate your "stinkin' thinkin'"! Download
14  Jun  2019 379: Pooja Khanna is on a mission to heal the world! Download
12  Jun  2019 378: Molly Mandelberg reveals her Tactical Magic Download
06  Jun  2019 377: Joie Cheng reveals The Naked Truth and the value it holds Download
03  Jun  2019 376: Julie Ryan reveals how psychic "training" is accessible to everyone Download
13  May  2019 375: Bradley T Morris is immersed on the path of helping others Download
12  May  2019 374: Michelle Nagel digs into the letting go of suffering Download
08  May  2019 373: Altovise Pelzer reveals her story of finding her voice Download
25  Mar  2019 372: Daniel Mollner reveals the conscious aspect of Ecstatic Dance Download
11  Mar  2019 371: Rachel Kaplan teaches us emotional potty-training Download
04  Mar  2019 370: Dawn Gluskin brings consciousness to your marketing message Download
18  Feb  2019 369: Diane Halfman sheds light on Seeking your Power Always Download
11  Feb  2019 368: Shana James gives the straight talk on Woman-Speak, Man-Speak and more! Download
04  Feb  2019 367: Melissa Redd talks about slowing down and matching your Yin to your Yang Download
28  Jan  2019 366: HIVE, Ayahuasca & The Art of Forgetting Download
07  Jan  2019 365: Get ready to Bliss-Out with Moneeka Sawyer Download
04  Jan  2019 364: Raising your frequency with JJ Flizanes and Michael Neeley Download
31  Dec  2018 363: Lisa Winston helps lead us toward Radical Authenticity Download
24  Dec  2018 362: Georgia Dow specializes in anxiety reduction and technology Download
10  Dec  2018 361: Dave Kehnast helps us peel back the layers of who we aren't Download
03  Dec  2018 360: Mary Shores reveals inside insights on Conscious Communications Download
19  Nov  2018 359: Scott Wilhite is on a mission to make you happy Download
05  Nov  2018 358: Eyal Matsliah shares how to unleash your orgasms Download
29  Oct  2018 357: Jim "Bubba" Bay has danced with death and has much to say about it Download
22  Oct  2018 356: Christa O'Leary is all about Harmony Download
08  Oct  2018 355: Arielle Ford is the Cupid of Consciousness Download
26  Sep  2018 354: Emily Perry is on a path to awaken the planet Download
18  Sep  2018 353: Tiamo DeVettori brings consciousness to music and the stage Download
10  Sep  2018 352: Leah Lamb shares the ancient and ongoing value of Story Download
03  Sep  2018 351: Emerald GreenForest reveals her awakening and now leads others to the same Download
22  Aug  2018 350: Debbie Hoffman teaches us the vital importance of Following Up Download
18  Jun  2018 349: Alexis Leiva helps you find joy, clarity and true purpose Download
07  Jun  2018 348: Devi Adea brings spirituality to entrepreneurism Download
31  May  2018 347: Caley Versfelt shows everyone that your challenges are only in your head Download
31  May  2018 346: Raana Zia brings spirituality and consciousness to business Download
30  Apr  2018 345: Yael Ellsworth talks about homelessness and the Life Teaches Foundation Download
24  Apr  2018 344: Kisma Orbovich talks about conscious wealth and your spiritual compass Download
09  Apr  2018 343: Ariaa Jaeger joins Michael for a deep discussion about raising our vibrational frequency Download
02  Apr  2018 342: Scott Simons is on a mission to bring health to the forefront Download
26  Mar  2018 341: Dan Horner - Spiritual Amplifier and Presenter Download
19  Mar  2018 340: Melanie Benson - a Guide for Conscious Entrepreneurs Download
05  Mar  2018 339: Sean Stewart shares how to Rock Your Gift! Download
26  Feb  2018 338: Chris Cade goes deep on spiritual entrepreneurism Download
19  Feb  2018 337: Paula Brown is an Intuitive Heartist and Best-Selling Author Download
12  Feb  2018 336: Derek Rydall talks about The Abundance Project Download
05  Feb  2018 335: Valentine's Day Special with Meghan Neeley & Ben Saltzman Download
29  Jan  2018 334: Philip Be'er and the Behavioral Loop Theory Download
22  Jan  2018 333: Michelle Kopper helps to unlock the power of your transformational message Download
08  Jan  2018 332: Jay Fiset - a Master of the Mind Download
01  Jan  2018 331: Happy 2018 New Year Special Download
18  Dec  2017 330: Jared Angaza gives us a glance at what Conscious Philanthropy looks like Download
11  Dec  2017 329: Marla Mattenson explains why you're programmed to lie to your mate Download
27  Nov  2017 328: Beth Nelson puts the spark back into getting older Download
06  Nov  2017 327: Heather Gray of the Soul-filled Cafe podcast shares her insights about making change happen Download
30  Oct  2017 326: Maura Barclay, author and founder of Unbreakable Woman, kicks off Women's Empowerment Month Download
23  Oct  2017 325: MeToo - A Conversation from the Male Perspective Download
16  Oct  2017 324: Join Mellissa Seaman, savvy business coach and a gifted intuitive, in a deep dive around "genius" Download
09  Oct  2017 323: Releasing What Weighs You down with JJ Flizanes Download
02  Oct  2017 322: Meghan Neeley talks about conscious business as a spiritual path Download
25  Sep  2017 321: Christian Mickelsen joins Michael for an exploration of abundance consciousness Download
18  Sep  2017 320: Audrey Hazekamp joins the discussion about getting triggered and turning it around. Download
11  Sep  2017 319: Cameron Brown joins Michael for a deep dive into our planetary impact Download
04  Sep  2017 318: Bonnie Kelly and Michael Neeley discuss our limiting beliefs and how they impact us Download
28  Aug  2017 317: Natalie Hill explores the adventure of taking a massive LEAP! Download
21  Aug  2017 316: Michele Rae speaks about finding our center within the chaos! Download
14  Aug  2017 315: Getting your VOICE onto the PAGE with Leslie Caplan Download
07  Aug  2017 314: The Queen of Love-Based Copy - Michele PW Speaks! Download
31  Jul  2017 313: Shira Taylor Gura can help you get unSTUCK! Download
24  Jul  2017 312: SuperSoul100 Teacher Gordana Biernat shares the TRUTH Download
18  Jul  2017 311: Season 3 Introduction Download
04  Oct  2016 310: Carrie Anne Killeen is The Nourished Momma Download
27  Sep  2016 309: Empirical Medicine Ain't Always Wise Download
01  Sep  2016 308: Michael Tamez is a certified holistic health coach with an important mission you won't want to miss! Download
30  Aug  2016 307: Derek Rydall explains his emergence theory and how it can open you up to greater possibilities Download
12  Aug  2016 306: Getting Started - how you subconsciously stop yourself from taking action Download
10  Aug  2016 305: Mindfulness coach, Cindy Ritmeester, helps us wake up in our professional lives Download
08  Aug  2016 304: Junie Moon Schreiber teaches us all about Living Out Loud Download
05  Aug  2016 303: BEST OF SEASON 1: The Challenges with Your Self-Help Efforts Download
03  Aug  2016 302: Katie Kozlowski is a guide to Self-Realization as well as a healer and spiritual teacher Download
01  Aug  2016 301: Stasha Washburn (aka The Period Coach) sheds some light on how to balance your work and your hormones at the same time Download
27  Jul  2016 300: Adele Green shares her take on conscious living and how she helps others wake up Download
25  Jul  2016 299: Derek Loudermilk shares his conscious version of adventure and more Download
20  Jul  2016 298: Aaron Anastasi helps us find the Voice of our Dreams Download
18  Jul  2016 297: Orsolya Bartalis - Mindset Mentor and Success Coach Download
11  Jul  2016 296: Jeremy Walker sheds some light on the DeMartini Method and his style of hypnotherapy Download
25  Jun  2016 295: Billie Sue Borgmeyer Memorial Episode Download
01  Jun  2016 294: Devin Slavin is here to help people get their message out in a bigger way Download
30  May  2016 293: Alexander Heyne is a Modern Health Monk using consciousness as a tool for growth and healing Download
27  May  2016 292: Michael Neeley explores his definition of consciousness as it pertains to this podcast Download
25  May  2016 291: Join the Headmaster of The School for Wizards for some modern business magic Download
23  May  2016 290: Terry Dika Volchoff shares insights discovered in her own healing journey Download
18  May  2016 289: Dr. Michele Colon helps you get a foot up on your health Download
16  May  2016 288: Master Coach, Rob Scott, sheds some serious light on non-duality and conscious evolution Download
13  May  2016 287: Michael calls Bullsh!t on Hollywood's depiction of relationships Download
11  May  2016 286: Kristin Swarcheck shares some transformational coaching insights Download
09  May  2016 285: Taking conscious business to a whole new level! Download
06  May  2016 284: Justin Spyres shares his path to living a conscious lifestyle Download
04  May  2016 283: Bringing consciousness to business culture Download
02  May  2016 282: Beth Banning shares the Art of Consciousness Download
29  Apr  2016 281: JJ Flizanes of Fit 2 Love interviews Michael Neeley about The Art of Forgetting Download
27  Apr  2016 280: Mindfulness and parenting can make a great combination Download
22  Apr  2016 279: What's Stopping You?!? Download
20  Apr  2016 278: Empowering women and getting your self-love on are the topic of the day Download
18  Apr  2016 277: Bringing a whole new level to consciously creating your experience Download
17  Apr  2016 276: How to Consciously Recover from Betrayal Download
13  Apr  2016 275: Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer explains how to destress and slow your aging process Download
11  Apr  2016 274: Bringing consciousness to your charismatic speaking and more Download
08  Apr  2016 273: Does your Work/Life Balancing Act need a tune-up? Download
06  Apr  2016 272: Garnet Schulhauser reveals how he met his spirit guide "in the flesh" Download
04  Apr  2016 271: Charanpal Kaur reveals her journey through dream work and Kundalini yoga Download
01  Apr  2016 270: Revisiting sadness and grief as death visits the family once again Download
30  Mar  2016 269: Pick up some tips on how to Ascend Your Limits Download
28  Mar  2016 268: How to develop a prosperity mindset and make big shifts around money Download
25  Mar  2016 267: Ever wonder how to speak with your own Soul? Download
21  Mar  2016 266: Exploring the Big "C" (Consciousness) and how to tap into it Download
18  Mar  2016 265: Transparency and What You Really Want Download
16  Mar  2016 264: Are you ready to retrain your brain? Download
14  Mar  2016 263: Tami Simon reveals her one journey through many voices Download
09  Mar  2016 262: JJ Flizanes shares her conscious views on whole-being fitness Download
07  Mar  2016 261: Through the Drought - Surviving the Areas of Lack in our Lives Download
06  Mar  2016 260: Guided Meditation #41 with Michael Neeley Download
29  Feb  2016 259: Applying Chaos Theory to your psychological transformation can be profound Download
28  Feb  2016 258: Beware the Double-Burn! Download
22  Feb  2016 257: Tapping into your Angel guides may be easier than you think Download
20  Feb  2016 256: The Dark Side of Abundance? Download
19  Feb  2016 255: Guided Meditation #40 with Danielle Lynn Download
18  Feb  2016 254: How mindfulness practices are helping youth at risk today Download
16  Feb  2016 253: Guided Meditation #39 with Michael Neeley Download
12  Feb  2016 252: Josh Trent shares his conscious expertise on fitness technology and more Download
10  Feb  2016 251: William Paul Neeley Memorial Episode Download
06  Feb  2016 250: A Short Guided Meditation and Discussion on Grief and Death Download
04  Feb  2016 249: Perceptions and Perspective and how Personal they truly are Download
02  Feb  2016 248: Michele PW reveals the secrets to "love-based" copywriting and why it works better than fear Download
31  Jan  2016 247: Guided Meditation #37 with Michael Neeley Download
27  Jan  2016 246: Being your Authentic Self Download
25  Jan  2016 245: Exploring the connection between Fatherhood and Leadership Download
22  Jan  2016 244: Guided Meditation #36 with Michael Neeley Download
20  Jan  2016 243: Body Consciousness and Self-Acceptance Download
18  Jan  2016 242: Photography, Lifestyle Design & Empowerment abound in this episode Download
15  Jan  2016 241: Guided Meditation #35 with Michael Neeley Download
13  Jan  2016 240: Living from a Place of Authenticity Download
11  Jan  2016 239: If laughter is the best medicine, Laughter Yoga is your Apple-A-Day! Download
08  Jan  2016 238: Guided Meditation #34 with Dr. Jamie Marich Download
06  Jan  2016 237: Immediate Healing & Instant Breakthroughs Download
04  Jan  2016 236: Can the "Real" be put back into "Reality" shows? Download
01  Jan  2016 235: New Year's Special - Your Resolution Solution Download
30  Dec  2015 234: A Conscious Approach to Disability in the Military Download
28  Dec  2015 233: Angel intuitive, Chris Alexandria, talks about our guides and much more Download
25  Dec  2015 232: Christmas Special w/Guided Holiday Meditation Download
23  Dec  2015 231: Holiday Special - with Christmas Poetry and Stories Download
21  Dec  2015 230: The Conscious Path to Achieving Total Wellness Download
26  Nov  2015 229: Thanksgiving Special! Download
23  Nov  2015 228: A Night at the Museum (Radical Crafts at the MAH) Download
20  Oct  2015 227: Dr. Gay Hendricks shares about his new book Conscious Loving Ever After and so much more! Download
16  Oct  2015 226: Controlling and Mastering Your Energy Dynamics Download
13  Oct  2015 225: Guided Meditation #33 Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert Download
09  Oct  2015 224: Navaratri is upon us, and this lifestyle design coach uses the goddesses to make magic in your life Download
26  Sep  2015 223: Guided Meditation #32 with Michael Neeley Download
25  Sep  2015 222: Addiction - Attraction - Sensitivity Download
22  Sep  2015 221: Timothy Leary and Ram Dass revealed in "Dying to Know" Download
21  Sep  2015 220: Interim Update Download
17  Sep  2015 219: How the Enneagram can transform your life AND your business! Download
16  Sep  2015 218: The power of female orgasm - getting there isn't the way you might think Download
14  Sep  2015 217: Pulling back the curtains on Tantra and digging into a deep view on consciousness Download
13  Sep  2015 216: Guided Meditation #31 with Michael Neeley Download
09  Sep  2015 215: Being On Purpose - from a Christian and non-Christian perspective Download
07  Sep  2015 214: A taste of the more spiritual side of yoga Download
06  Sep  2015 213: Season Finale - Taking a Pause to Sharpen the Axe Download
05  Sep  2015 212: Guided Tonglen Meditation with Michael Neeley Download
04  Sep  2015 211: Mental illness and recovery from an inside perspective Download
03  Sep  2015 210: Healing can happen in an instant! Download
02  Sep  2015 209: Dealing with anxiety through mindful awareness and conscious practices Download
01  Sep  2015 208: Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks tells us how to bring consciousness to living and loving Download
31  Aug  2015 207: Suicide prevention advocate, author & animal whisperer all rolled into one. Download
30  Aug  2015 206: Conscious Science and proving the existence of "spirit" Download
29  Aug  2015 205: Guided Meditation #29 with Michael Neeley Download
28  Aug  2015 204: Human trafficking, both at home and abroad, is more widespread than you might think Download
27  Aug  2015 203: Ready for an evolutionary view on Christianity? It's not a religion but a way of life. Download
26  Aug  2015 202: Align and balance your energy bodies using subtle energies Download
25  Aug  2015 201: Non-Dualism, Spiritual Awakening, and the Key to Happiness are part of today's inquiry Download
24  Aug  2015 200: Can eating greens Banish Your Blues? How food affects our mental chemistry. Download
23  Aug  2015 199: Pearls of Wisdom #2 Download
22  Aug  2015 198: Guided Meditation #28 with Michael Neeley Download
21  Aug  2015 197: Learn how to attract money like a new lover Download
20  Aug  2015 196: Is "waking up" becoming a threat to the "system"? Download
19  Aug  2015 195: Find out what's missing in leadership - at the office, at home, and in your life Download
18  Aug  2015 194: Bullying can be stopped; and the approach may be different than you'd imagine Download
17  Aug  2015 193: He turned his own life around to now help others do the same Download
16  Aug  2015 192: How to manage your triggers being pulled and your buttons being pushed Download
15  Aug  2015 191: Guided Meditation #27 with Michael Neeley Download
14  Aug  2015 190: Are you addicted to drama, fear, bad relationships, or worse? Download
13  Aug  2015 189: How to create a soulmate experience with fun, intimacy and play Download
12  Aug  2015 188: Your yoni (vagina) may be holding secrets you didn't even know were possible Download
11  Aug  2015 187: If your envy is bothering you, learn to turn it into a tool you can use Download
10  Aug  2015 186: Being truly optimistic doesn't mean putting on the Pollyanna blinders Download
09  Aug  2015 185: Asking for Help (Don't be afraid to do it) Download
08  Aug  2015 184: Guided Meditation #26 with Grace Clayton Download
07  Aug  2015 183: Can humanity wake up in time to save our planet? Download
06  Aug  2015 182: How to unwind your soul to the core through spiritual midwifery Download
05  Aug  2015 181: Infusing spirituality into all aspects of your life - including business Download
04  Aug  2015 180: Enjoy this beautiful song by Charanpal Kaur Download
03  Aug  2015 179: Explore trance energy, shamanism and The Shadow Light Ministry Download
02  Aug  2015 178: The More We Connect, the More Disconnected We Become Download
01  Aug  2015 177: Guided Meditation with Shannon Algeo Download
31  Jul  2015 176: You can move beyond dramatic tragedy when you open your heart and your mind Download
30  Jul  2015 175: Tools (no rules) for transformation with purpose Download
29  Jul  2015 174: Connecting the dots between Shamanic practices and Jungian analysis Download
28  Jul  2015 173: From psychic readings to communicating with the dead, you'll hear it all here. Download
27  Jul  2015 172: Dancing Mindfulness and EMDR are great methods of modern therapy Download
26  Jul  2015 171: Pearls of Wisdom Download
25  Jul  2015 170: Guided Meditation #24 with Michael Neeley Download
24  Jul  2015 169: A fun (and funny) interview about Mind Hacking with the master hacker, himself Download
23  Jul  2015 168: Are you visualizing today what you want your tomorrow to look like? Download
22  Jul  2015 167: How to tackle the little things that may be holding you back from success Download
21  Jul  2015 166: How to wake up and make up your mind with Minds Up author Download
20  Jul  2015 165: Do we really die? And if not, then how do we communicate with our beloved deceased? Download
19  Jul  2015 164: How your STORIES comprised of FICTION become BELIEFS Download
18  Jul  2015 163: Guided Meditation #23 with Meghan Neeley Download
17  Jul  2015 162: Zen Warrior training may be just what you need for accessing your untapped vitality Download
16  Jul  2015 161: Does your baggage fit in the carry-on space or do you have to pay an arm and a leg? Download
15  Jul  2015 160: What it is to practice a whole-being lifestyle and how to bring that into your routine Download
14  Jul  2015 159: Your relationships are the root of every aspect of your life - make them work for you Download
13  Jul  2015 158: From your Alternative Medicine Cabinet to mind-body healing - hear it from an expert Download
12  Jul  2015 157: Perfection Download
11  Jul  2015 156: Guided Walking Meditation #22 with Michael Neeley Download
10  Jul  2015 155: We all have the good wolf and the bad wolf within us - which one do you feed? Download
09  Jul  2015 154: Time management, creative content, and heart-centered entrepreneurism Download
08  Jul  2015 153: “The way a mental disorder is currently defined, makes no sense.” - Dr. Eric Maisel Download
07  Jul  2015 152: Broadway-bound singer loses voice to cancer and turns it all around to pay it forward as a coach Download
06  Jul  2015 151: How husbands can shift their relationships from bland to grand Download
05  Jul  2015 150: Are you motivated by pain or pleasure, the carrot or the stick? Download
04  Jul  2015 149: Short Guided Meditation #21 with Michael Neeley Download
03  Jul  2015 148: Helping our soldiers with PTSD with methods beyond psychotherapy Download
02  Jul  2015 147: Fixing your head is on this guest's bucket list Download
01  Jul  2015 146: Bringing clairsentient and clairvoyant talents to holistic healing Download
30  Jun  2015 145: Sex therapy that starts with a mindful approach to sex Download
29  Jun  2015 144: How to move through grief and loss while expanding from the experience Download
28  Jun  2015 143: What is Consciousness and how can you tap into it freely? Download
27  Jun  2015 142: Guided Meditation #20 with Michael Neeley Download
26  Jun  2015 141: Awaken your inner rebel and get back in touch with the juice of your life Download
25  Jun  2015 140: Hilarious Clairvoyant/Spiritual Ass-Kicker flies her freak-flag with pride and laughter Download
24  Jun  2015 139: Why we need a new way of thinking and why QuantumThink might be it Download
23  Jun  2015 138: How to navigate recovery and relapse and eliminate the shame Download
22  Jun  2015 137: How empathy can create connection and foster non-violent communication Download
21  Jun  2015 136: Creating Your Reality Download
20  Jun  2015 135: Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation #19 with Wendy Reese Download
19  Jun  2015 134: A journey through addiction and recovery and how one man pays it forward
18  Jun  2015 133: How Orgasmic Meditation can alter your life in ways you can’t imagine
17  Jun  2015 132: Stop your stories from killing your vitality and sucking the life out of you
16  Jun  2015 131: How to live life with more joy and happiness than you ever imagined
15  Jun  2015 130: Going from 'Fat' Girl to 'That' Girl
14  Jun  2015 129: How Completions Can Free Up Massive Energy and Space Download
13  Jun  2015 128: Guided Meditation #18 with Michael Neeley Download
12  Jun  2015 127: Mind/Body Image Work for Women, Children and Men Download
11  Jun  2015 126: Healing yourself from breast cancer and other diseases Download
10  Jun  2015 125: Awakening leaders and training for conscious living Download
09  Jun  2015 124: Reconnect with your body and return to ease Download
08  Jun  2015 123: Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Beyond Download
07  Jun  2015 122: How to feel your fear and take action anyway Download
06  Jun  2015 121: Guided Meditation #17 with Michael Neeley Download
05  Jun  2015 120: Author, Therapist, and Teacher Download
04  Jun  2015 119: Conscious Living & Loving, Empowerment and Women’s Leadership
03  Jun  2015 118: Spiritual Warrior for Planetary Care & Social Justice / Author
02  Jun  2015 117: Intimacy, Health & Vibrational Medicine
01  Jun  2015 116: Tying Together Akashic Records, Meditation, and Speaking to Your Spirits 
31  May  2015 115: Spirit Helpers, Guardian Angels and Ethereal Guides Download
30  May  2015 114: Guided Meditation #16 with Michael Neeley Download
29  May  2015 113: Author, Happiness Coach, Speaker & Podcaster 
28  May  2015 112: Certified Conscious Living Coach 
27  May  2015 111: Thought Mastery Expert, Personal Performance Coach & Author 
26  May  2015 110: Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming
25  May  2015 109: Masterful Healing and Spiritual Guidance with Starr Fuentes
24  May  2015 108: Living with Impeccability Download
23  May  2015 107: Guided Meditation #15 with Michael Neeley Download
22  May  2015 106: Psychologist & Professor specializing in spirituality and self-esteem
21  May  2015 105: Certified Professional Life Coach & Leadership Trainer
20  May  2015 104: Conscious Marketing & Conscious Capitalism Download
19  May  2015 103: Sexuality, Sensuality and Orgasmic Meditation
18  May  2015 102: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Self-improvement Expert & Spiritual Teacher Download
17  May  2015 101: Akashic Records Revealed Download
16  May  2015 100: Guided Meditation #14 with Heather Hans Download
15  May  2015 Episode 99: Dr. Dawson Church Download
14  May  2015 Episode 98: Michael Modzelewski Download
13  May  2015 Episode 97: Ryan Hawk Download
12  May  2015 Episode 96: Susie Miller Download
11  May  2015 Episode 95: Maria Merloni Download
10  May  2015 Episode 94: Appreciation - Transparency - Requests Download
09  May  2015 Episode 93: Guided Meditation #13 with Alicia Power Download
08  May  2015 Episode 92: Vandana Verma Download
07  May  2015 Episode 91: Nick Pereira Download
06  May  2015 Episode 90: KAren Swain Download
05  May  2015 Episode 89: Shems Heartwell Download
04  May  2015 Episode 88: JV Crum III Download
03  May  2015 Episode 87: Relationship Dynamics Download
02  May  2015 Episode 86: Guided Meditation #12 with Jasmina Agrillo Scherr Download
01  May  2015 Episode 85: Joshua Schukman Download
30  Apr  2015 Episode 84: Elsie Escobar Download
29  Apr  2015 Episode 83: Carl Massy Download
28  Apr  2015 Episode 82: Simon D'Arcy Download
27  Apr  2015 Episode 81: Adria DeCorte Download
26  Apr  2015 Episode 80: Attachment vs. Commitment Download
25  Apr  2015 Episode 79: Guided Meditation #11 with Rochelle Jaffe Download
24  Apr  2015 Episode 78: Becky Kanis Margiotta Download
23  Apr  2015 Episode 77: Nancy Stubbs Download
22  Apr  2015 Episode 76: Marty Klein Download
21  Apr  2015 Episode 75: Chris Ann Download
20  Apr  2015 Episode 74: Megan Clemens Download
19  Apr  2015 Episode 73: Balanced Engagement Download
18  Apr  2015 Episode 72: Guided Restorative Meditation with Michael Neeley Download
17  Apr  2015 Episode 71: Marc Mawhinney Download
16  Apr  2015 Episode 70: Nathan Olivas Download
15  Apr  2015 Episode 69: Clint Arthur Download
14  Apr  2015 Episode 68: Alicia Power Download
13  Apr  2015 Episode 67: Morgan Sontag Download
12  Apr  2015 Episode 66: Finding Your Golden Compass Download
11  Apr  2015 Episode 65: Guided Meditation # 9 with Meghan Neeley Download
10  Apr  2015 Episode 64: Denny Krahe Download
09  Apr  2015 Episode 63: Shakti Durga Download
08  Apr  2015 Episode 62: Jody Kaylor Download
07  Apr  2015 Episode 61: Ben Saltzman Download
06  Apr  2015 Episode 60: Tina Dietz Download
05  Apr  2015 Episode 59: Guided Metta Meditation with Michael Neeley Download
04  Apr  2015 Episode 58: No Thanks for the Memories Download
03  Apr  2015 Episode 57: Tapasyogi Nandhi Download
02  Apr  2015 Episode 56: Angie Swartz Download
01  Apr  2015 Episode 55: Julie Migneault Download
31  Mar  2015 Episode 54: Heather Gray Download
30  Mar  2015 Episode 53: Elizabeth Hunter Download
29  Mar  2015 Episode 52: Expectations and Beliefs Download
28  Mar  2015 Episode 51: Guided Meditation #7 with Michael Neeley Download
27  Mar  2015 Episode 50: Deborah Katz Download
26  Mar  2015 Episode 49: Gail Larsen Download
25  Mar  2015 Episode 48: Bez Maxwell Download
24  Mar  2015 Episode 47: Kevin Caldwell Download
23  Mar  2015 Episode 46: Atasha Fyfe Download
22  Mar  2015 Episode 45: Who's Driving Your Life? Download
21  Mar  2015 Episode 44: Guided Meditation #6 with Michael Neeley Download
20  Mar  2015 Episode 43: Kylie Riordan Download
19  Mar  2015 Episode 42: Maritza Parra Download
18  Mar  2015 Episode 41: Tom Condon Download
17  Mar  2015 Episode 40: Bob Berberich Download
16  Mar  2015 Episode 39: Bill Murphy Download
15  Mar  2015 Episode 38: Secrets Download
14  Mar  2015 Episode 37: Guided Meditation #5 with Michelle Casto Download
13  Mar  2015 Episode 36: Melanie Elkin Download
12  Mar  2015 Episode 35: Rick Tamlyn Download
11  Mar  2015 Episode 34: Jasmina Agrillo Scherr Download
10  Mar  2015 Episode 33: Tom Carroll Download
09  Mar  2015 Episode 32: Javone Jones Download
08  Mar  2015 Episode 31: Acceptance & Resistance Download
07  Mar  2015 Episode 30: Guided Meditation #4 with Michael Neeley Download
06  Mar  2015 Episode 29: Steven Morrison Download
05  Mar  2015 Episode 28: Melony McGant Download
04  Mar  2015 Episode 27: Michelle Hubbard Download
03  Mar  2015 Episode 26: Roger Miller Download
02  Mar  2015 Episode 25: Kyle Mercer Download
01  Mar  2015 Episode 24: Letting Go of the Past Download
28  Feb  2015 Episode 23: Guided Meditation #3 with Audrey Hazekamp Download
27  Feb  2015 Episode 22: Matt Chapman Download
26  Feb  2015 Episode 21: Marinna Siri Download
25  Feb  2015 Episode 20: Juna Mustad & Justin Milano Download
24  Feb  2015 Episode 19: Greg Richardson Download
23  Feb  2015 Episode 18: Nancy Thiel Voogd Download
22  Feb  2015 Episode 17: Money - Abundance & Desire Download
21  Feb  2015 Episode 16: Guided Meditation #2 with Shems Heartwell Download
20  Feb  2015 Episode 15: Dov Baron Download
19  Feb  2015 Episode 14: Michelle Casto Download
18  Feb  2015 Episode 13: Jeff Nischwitz Download
17  Feb  2015 Episode 12: Jean Adrienne Download
16  Feb  2015 Episode 11: Heather Hans Download
15  Feb  2015 Episode 10: When & Why Self-Help Fails Download
15  Feb  2015 Episode 9: Guided Meditation #1 w/Michael Neeley Download
14  Feb  2015 Episode 8: Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks Download
13  Feb  2015 Episode 7: Ariaa Jaeger Download
12  Feb  2015 Episode 6: Lamara Heartwell Download
11  Feb  2015 Episode 5: Rochelle Jaffe Download
11  Feb  2015 Episode 4: David Gaggin Download
11  Feb  2015 Episode 3: Audrey Hazekamp Download
11  Feb  2015 Episode 2: Catherine Carrigan Download
09  Feb  2015 Episode 1: Roy Biancalana Download
08  Feb  2015 Episode 0: An Introduction to Consciously Speaking Download

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  1. Hi Michael! My name is Katie Kozlowski and you were sent my way by a colleague Junie Moon as someone I might be a great fit to connect with and I checked you out and LOVE what youre doing and Id love to connect.

    I am so excited and honored because I am releasing a book and launching a course this spring (June) called Loving To Be Me and I would LOVE to connect with you as a possible guest for your show.

    I call myself a self realization coach these days and I teach people how to access their full potential by loving themselves fully for who they are- and my main goal is to get the message out that its time we focus on loving ourselves for who we are- rather than constantly wanting to change.
    I am 100% about consciousness and spirituality- but in a very accessible and human form- and encourage people to really live in the now instead of trying to find it outside of themselves.

    Right now there is no sales page for the book or the course but you can check me out at my website and also katiekozlowski.com/lovingtobemevip

    I look forward to connecting regardless because I think you and I share many beliefs and thoughts and can help each other get our missions into the world.

    With love, Katie K

  2. HI Michael, I LOVED your podcasts with Valerie Lemme- I particularly enjoyed her honesty; that she teaches Future Visioning after having tried everything- Yes, so many of us have and me, too!!!! And also I loved the one with Shana James on Woman-Speak; Man-Speak because that is what I have found most men and women lack and need; the deepest levels of empathy to understand one another’s needs and the training to select the language that connects and motivates. I find that crafting conversations for my clients and teaching them to do it themselves is the fastest way to generate empathy for others; the basis of all cooperation. THANK YOU for your GREAT show!

    I’ve sent you an email with more words of gratitude! Warmly, Susan Allan

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