Season 1, Episode 84: Elsie Escobar – Yoga Coach, Female Voice Advocate & Podcast Host

Today’s guest is Elsie Escobar. Elsie was born in El Salvador and moved to the US with her family when she was 9 years old. As a child,  she loved all types of physical activities and would push herself as hard as she could; however she left athletics behind when she went to college and studied theater.

After getting her undergraduate degree, she was accepted to the National Theater Conservatory in Denver, and spent 3 years there, where she began to live an empowered life. It was there that Elsie started to find her real voice. She also found strength in her body again, as she was introduced to yoga. It helped to both soften and center her while providing her with the tools that she needed to focus.

After graduating from the National Theater Conservatory, Elsie pursued a career as a Hollywood actress, for a while before making her way back to Yoga. Her first ‘teacher’ Naime Jezzeny, introduced her to Anusara Yoga, which is the yoga that she continues to study and teach today.

And, adding a unique touch to her yoga stylings, Elsie also hosts a series of yoga podcasts, Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged.

You can find her at

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