Season 2, Episode 309: Empirical Medicine Ain’t Always Wise

In this Season 2 Finale, coming back from a bout with pneumonia, Michael talks about Empirical Wisdom by sharing his experience of nearly dying due to an Empirical MIS-diagnosis. He digs into how we make decisions and judgements (aka our “diagnosis”) based on our experience and observations – which aren’t always accurate.

getting started

Marking the end of Season 2, this episode will launch us into our Interim period between seasons, as we gear up for what’s next. The show schedule for the next couple of months will surely be a bit more sporadic, with Michael still recovering and vacations and holidays on the horizon.

Season 3 is sure to be a big hit with a new format that you, the listeners, have been asking for. New guest experts will continue to join us each week, but the episodes will be less of an interview and more of a short workshop in a particular area of conscious living. As always, we’d love your feedback by posting comments here or leave us a message on Speakpipe right on the website.

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