Season 1, Episode 49: Gail Larsen – Transformational Speaking Coach & Consultant

Today’s guest is Gail Larsen. Gail is a speaking coach and consultant and my newest mentor. She firmly believes that you can change the world—one audience at a time!

Gail’s holistic blend of spirit and logic goes far beyond the standard format and with her uniquely inspirational approach, she reaches out to those who want to make a genuine difference in our world by changing minds through touching hearts.

Today’s challenging times call for passionate visionaries who are authentic and articulate communicators, and Gail presents a proven program that liberates the “speaker within” and transforms even the most reluctant orator into an agent of change.

Gail provides insightful advice on everything from defining your message and refining your delivery, to managing the dynamics of a room, handling logistics like a pro, and building a connection with an audience of any size. She has helped business executives and entrepreneurs, community and social change leaders, and healers and life coaches become active movers and shakers through the power of effective communication.

You can find out more about her at and register for the FREE Holy Fool’s Day event HERE. Her book, Transformational Speaking, is available on now.


A place of belonging

Where your body feels good to live in

Your mind expands

And your spirit soars

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