Season 1, Episode 57: Tapasyogi Nandhi – Siddhar Yogi, Visionary, Mystic & Author

Today’s guest is Tapasyogi Nandhi. Siddhar yogi Nandhi is a visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, mystic, author and teacher. Nandhi represents the wisdom of the liberated.

After being initiated through death, Tapasyogi Nandhi, undertook his spiritual journey through penance of yogic discipline (tapas) to attain his wholeness and come to understand a life of purpose. Nandhi spent the initial years through the depth of the spiritual wilderness of South India under the guidance of his Gurus through daily discipline, solitude in caves and pilgrimages while balancing a challenging active world as a householder.

In the next phase, he was guided by his Gurus to come to the West to represent Siddhar consciousness and teach in order to help raise humanity to its pristine goodness.

Nandhi’s teachings represent the wisdom of the Masters which has been passed on through an unbroken lineage of Siddhar Gurus for thousands of years. The Siddhars, the mystic yogis, are the enlightened Sages who journey beyond enlightenment. The Siddhars are the mystics of the ‘other’ spiritual India seldom known to the outside world. The Siddhars utilize yogic techniques to go beyond the limits of the body and mind.

Nandhi was blessed to have Gurus who guided him through this journey of wholeness. His book, Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet, is available now on

You can learn more about him at, or join his Declaration of Consciousness Movement today at

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