Interim 2015, Episode 228: A Night at the Museum (the MAH-dcast)

In today’s episode, I will share a series of brief interviews conducted at the Museum of Art & History right here in Santa Cruz, CA. I was invited to introduce the art of podcasting as part of their Radical Craft Night. This is a really awesome event that the MAH puts on every year, where you can learn about everything from button-making and taxidermy, to metal forging and silk-screening, and so much more. It’s radical.

And it’s all part of the third-Friday series that the MAH features on an ongoing basis. So, if you’re local to Santa Cruz, or just stopping through, be sure to check out the MAH (The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History) anytime, but especially on the third Friday of every month when things really get rocking.

Today’s episode is brought to you by American Ruckus, a New Digital Series that tells stories focusing on the real heartbeat of America, highlighting the accomplishments and struggles of American entrepreneurs, businesses and manufacturers. You can check them out at or at, or join their Indiegogo campaign HERE.

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A quick side-note: this show was recorded with a massive and varying degree of background noise. Some of the guests are easier to hear than others, and I’ve done quite a bit of editing to try to make it work. My apologies to those people I interviewed but was unable to use in the show for some reason or another, which was likely due to background noise.

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