Season 1, Episode 152: Alex Kip – Coach, Speaker and Podcaster

Today’s guest is Alex Kip. Alex is a coach, a speaker, and a leader, and perhaps most important of all – a cancer survivor on a mission to help you find your purpose, live in love, and spread your light. After being told he had a 15-30% chance of surviving cancer, he knows how important it is to live fully NOW!

Alex teaches you to how overcome “unbeatable” odds in your life, business, and relationships. He believes that “Someday” is today, and the world needs your spark of light to cut through the darkness. And while that spark can bring you everything you need, too often we’re taught to be “realistic,” to do what’s safe, or to never give your heart away.

Alex say “F’ that! You only have this moment!”

He knows what it’s like to lose everything and to regret not living fully… fortunately for him, he got a second chance. And now he pays it forward as a coach, a leader, and the host of the podcast Soul Feed.

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