Season 1, Episode 103: Alexandra Stockwell – Relationship & Sensuality Coach

Today’s guest is Relationship & Sensuality Coach, Alexandra Stockwell. Alexandra and her husband have been married for 20 years and have four children. They have transformed their marriage from one based in friendship, intellectual collaboration, and sharing the responsibilities of parenting four children to one based in magnetic, juicy connection and soul-satisfying intimacy.  Along the way, Alexandra has learned a lot about love, connection, and sensuality.

After majoring in Philosophy at St John’s College in Annapolis, MD, Alexandra lived and worked in the US and in Europe.  She then matriculated at SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine and completed her medical training at UMass Family Practice Residency.  Since that time she has done numerous trainings in alternative healing and relationship dynamics, including Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts.

Using her intelligence, her life experience, her understanding of sensual pleasure, and her extensive training as a coach, Alexandra will invite you to heal and transform those parts of you that hold you back in your relationships and in your life.  Alexandra gladly shares her expertise on sexuality, sensuality and orgasmic meditation with all of her clients.

Feel free to call Alexandra for a free discovery session at 978-880-8359.

You can find out more about Alexandra at

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