Interim 2015, Episode 215: Being On Purpose

If you’re a series regular, you already know this, but if your just hearing the show for the first time, you should know that we are in our interim period between Season 1 and Season 2. We’ve dropped back to three shows a week for the time being, and today’s episode is our topical content show.

Today, Michael will be joined by Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo (Season 1, Episode 203), also known as Pastor Bo. He is the bestselling author of three books: Prayer, Power & Results!, Created to Manifest!!!, and Parents! Loose Your Children from Bondageand you can find more about him at

Abolaji is a prayer warrior, a teacher and a preacher of the word with a strong desire to help people achieve their dreams and fulfill their God-given potential. And today we are going to talk about the identity and assignment of “man” as it relates to God from the Biblical point of view… or as Michael likes to put it – Being On Purpose.

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