Interim 2015, Episode 219: Ben Saltzman – International Enneagram Expert

Today, I am excited to be joined again by my dear friend, Ben Saltzman. Ben is an internationally known Enneagram expert, seminar facilitator, fortune 500 trainer, coach to entrepreneurial multi-millionaires, and co-lead of the Abundance Ministry at the 3000 member church Inner Light Ministries where he teaches facilitation skills to the Practitioners. Ben is a radio personality, the author of the book Rules for Visionary Leaders and the programs The Five Spiritual Laws of Money and Coaching for Deep-Level Change.

In this special episode, Ben and I are going to talk all about the Enneagram and how it can be used transform your relationships and your business. We are also going to cover the details of Ben’s upcoming Rise Up training course.

Ben is the founder of Touched and Transformed, and is currently sponsoring several episodes of Consciously Speaking – including this one. As part of that sponsorship, Ben is giving away a ton of free information from his work, including a chart that describes the different Enneagram types and even a free assessment so that you can find out your type.

You can get access to all of this wonderful material by clicking on this link: Touched and Transformed.

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