Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet (Red Lotus Creative, 2014)

The path of enlightenment is the journey within the human spirit that brings consciousness into the human form. Tapasyogi Nandhi (Season 1, Episode 57) brilliantly brings the ancient and mystical wisdom of the South Indian Siddhars right into the heart center of every human being. The book Mastery of Consciousness – Awaken the Inner Prophet imparts the potent wisdom of empowerment through.

The intent of this book is for the readers is to Awaken & Be the Prophet by alighting our own inner Guru, the lamp of wisdom. To Awaken the Inner Prophet is to be able to wake up to the Guru, or Divine teacher, that exists within each of us as higher consciousness. It is to be able to cultivate, not just spirituality, but an intimate connection to the Source of life that is eternal, all knowing and very much alive in every cell of the body. And it is only in recognizing and cultivating our own inner Divinity, that we can then spread it out to the world around us and thereby affect not just out own lives, but life on the planet itself.

The wisdom behind Mastery of Consciousness comes from an unbroken lineage of Siddhar Gurus, who for thousands of years, have used yogic techniques and wisdom to journey beyond enlightenment to allow them to go beyond the limits of the body and mind. The Siddhars are the mystics of the ‘other’ spiritual India relatively unknown to the outside world. Though their teachings have seldom been overtly revealed, they are at the root of the yogic wisdom that is familiar within the mainstream traditional India.

Nandhi has condensed the esoteric wisdom of the Siddhars into several programs that Westerners can relate to in practicality. These teachings of heart wisdom can be easily incorporated into our daily yoga and/or spiritual practice, with the core intent being to attain a life of freedom, purpose, inspiration, health and inner wisdom for practical living.

Pick up your copy of Mastery of Consciousness – Awaken the Inner Prophet on today.

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