Walk Your Talk: Take Ownership and Lead Like You Mean It (Amy Walker Consulting, 2015)

We’ve all been in the presence of a leader who captivates, inspiring us to put our soul into the work before us — and have marveled at just how they do it. Amy Walker’s (Season 1, Episode 154) debut book Walk Your Talk: Take Ownership and Lead Like You Mean provides in-depth analysis and actionable steps for developing your leadership capabilities and becoming a leader with great potential to elevate and inspire.

Amy’s clear, fun writing style and clever examples, scripts, and exercises will guide you to understand leadership strategies and quickly incorporate them into your professional and personal life. Her book will help you:

  • Define the foundational characteristics of great leaders
  • Analyze your own leadership style — including its strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus your mindset and move past the patterns that hold you back
  • Build a team culture of respect and trust
  • Identify the needs of your team members to assist in their successes
  • Influence without manipulation
  • Conduct critical conversations clearly and productively
  • Guide your team through conflict and change while minimizing chaos

Great leadership is much more than holding a position of authority or power. As you lead, your actions — great or otherwise — are observed and magnified in everyone around you. As you take action to strengthen your natural leadership skills and develop new ones, you will find yourself playing a crucial role in enhancing the lives of others.

Walk Your Talk is the catalyst that will take you there. Amy Walker has been in leadership positions for over fifteen years and has repeatedly shown the ability to build profitable businesses and lead teams. She now assists others in building their entrepreneurial dreams. Her foundational belief that leadership is a learnable skill resonates in her writing and her life work.

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