Season 1 Episode 207: Carl David – Suicide Prevention Advocate & Author

Today’s guest is Carl David. For many years, Carl has had a serious interest in and has been a proponent of all aspects of healing and particularly “hands on” healing and energy work. He now weaves spirituality and energy work into his daily life.

Carl lost his brother to suicide when he was just 16, and has been on a mission to save lives ever since. His way of paying forward is by taking the darkest days of his life and helping those on that edge of desperation to see that they are loved, that there is help for them and that they are not alone.

As a Suicide Prevention Advocate, Carl also wants to let those who have walked a similar devastating path know that life does go on and that life is for the living, that we do survive. He authored the book, Bader Field as a memoir of how his family survived suicide.

You can find more about Carl at, follow him on Twitter @97Yankee, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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