Season 1, Episode 75: Chris Ann – Psychic, Reiki Master & Akashic Records Expert

Today’s guest is Chris Ann. She has been a psychic her entire life, talking to the dead since the age of 3, and reading for others since the age of 8. Chris Ann is a master of reading Akashic Records and also an animal communicator. She is a Reiki master who enjoys using her many gifts and talents to help give people peace and to facilitate the body’s own healing.

Chris Ann is an artist who enjoys empowering her pieces with healing and calming energy. Her works speak to those on a higher level. Chris Ann has also been selling her jewelry since the age of 5, and has hosted many Craft Fairs and Psychic Fairs.

Her latest venture is doing gallery readings where she also performs group healings and sound healings using instruments to change the vibration in the room and within the body.

You can learn more about Chris Ann on her Facebook page: Elemental Energies with Chris Ann, follow her on Twitter: @ChrisAnn1234, or just call or text her at 207-641-5212.

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