Season 1, Episode 136: Creating Your Reality

Take ownership of your power and choose your reality

In this topical content episode, I am joined by Dr. John McGrail (Season 1, Episode 102). John is a clinical hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert and spiritual teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. He is the author of The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation.

Today, we dive deep into creating your reality. We are the makers of our world, and as such, we have to first take ownership of that power and then consciously choose what to create.

We will talk about the many aspects of how we accomplish this as well as how we frequently fall into a default reality – one handed to us. You’ll hear about:

  • How to move from life happening TO you, to life happening FOR you
  • Choosing the path of your dreams versus the path that someone else has chosen for you
  • How your expectations, as well as the expectations of those around you, impact your results
  • When it’s important to have your conscious mind take the reins from your subconscious mind
  • … and more

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