Season 1, Episode 179: Cynthia LoRe – Trance Energy Therapist, Shaman & Healer

Today’s guest is Cynthia LoRe. Cynthia brings a rich tapestry of personal and professional experience to her Ashland Oregon based healing arts practice. For 18-years she has been empowering clients in both private and Skype sessions here and in the countries of her travels.

Cynthia has trained in different modalities and practices that support her innate wisdom. People are drawn to her independent spirit and grace, find value in her positive perspective and a context for themselves in her ability to be real, vulnerable and playful in her sovereignty. She has a gift for distilling wisdom into the practical for immediate, every day use. She is a natural healer and guide.

In 1993 Cynthia began studying shamanism and has traveled the world to sit with teachers of the Amazon Jungle, honoring an ancient tradition of deep exploration and interconnectedness with all life. For the past two years she has been sitting in sacred sisterhood with the 13 Moon Mystery School, remembering and deepening in ancient priestess practices. Both of these paths continually unfold her awakening, which informs how she guides clients to realize their true essence.

Through Cynthia’s Trance Energy Therapy sessions, mentorship and classes, clients experience a deeper sense of self: trust, love, expression, clear boundaries and direction. Trance Energy Therapy is an alchemy of Hypnotherapy, shamanic/priestess wisdom and channeled Reiki energy.

Shadow light Ministry was born from Cynthia’s deeply personal quest for healing and self mastery through the exploration of consciousness which must honor the shadow aspect of the psyche. This aspect is a gem not to be feared or denied, as it is calling to be illuminated and witnessed with loving compassion. It is the part of us that holds the key to our greatest potential.

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