Season 1, Episode 15: Dov Baron – International Authority on Authentic Leadership

Today’s guest is Dov Baron. Dov is one of the world’s leading authorities on Authentic Leadership and creating a corporate culture that generates fierce loyalty. He has been featured in many media outlets including CEO World Magazine, Men’s Essentials Magazine, Elle Italia, as well as the CNN website.

Dov’s radio show and podcasts have generated over 1 million downloads, and his current podcast Leadership and Loyalty Tips for Executives is the #1 podcast for Fortune 500 Executives. As a bestselling author of several books, Dov is an international speaker and a highly sought after private mentor who guides high profile leaders who are looking for what’s next.

His groundbreaking book, Fiercely Loyal, will give you and your company the edge you need to thrive in today’s rapidly changing corporate climate!

You can learn more about Dov at Full Monty Leadership.

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