Season 1, Episode 196: Fatima Bacot – Metaphysical Teacher, Author & Mentor

Today’s guest is Fatima Bacot. Fatima is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher and Author whose services over the last 25 years are comprised of two main areas:

  • Bringing razor-sharp clarity to the profound breakdowns and breakthroughs humanity is experiencing across numerous fronts simultaneously as part of the Global Shift in Consciousness
  • Assisting others to free themselves of crippling mental and emotional patterns by sharing the various insights and techniques whereby they may consciously master and Create their realities

Fatima accomplishes this through the utilization of the following mediums:  Diamond Consciousness Astrological Readings, Prosperity Consultations, Seminars, Classes, Workshops & Speaking; Personal & Online Group Mentoring; Teleseminars and Webinars; and Blogging.

Fatima currently resides on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and describes herself and her life as works in progress.  You can learn more about her at:

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2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 196: Fatima Bacot – Metaphysical Teacher, Author & Mentor

  1. So enjoyed the interview with Michael. His interview style is easy and relaxed, and yet, he has the ability to ask probing questions. He is doing important work for the Shift in Consciousness. Thanks again, Michael, for the opportunity to share my Insights!