Interim 2015, Episode 221: Gay Dillingham – Filmmaker & Environmental Activist

Director of "Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary"

Today’s guest is Gay Dillingham. Gay has consistently juggled her parallel passions for the environment, public policy and communication through film all in an effort to deepen our human experience and success while on this marvelous planet.

She was born in 1965 to a ranching, entrepreneurial family in Oklahoma, lived mostly under the open skies of the West including Santa Fe New Mexico for the past 26 years.

Gay started making documentary films out of college in the late 80s. Her first, The WIPP Trail, narrated by Robert Redford, cast a critical eye at our nation’s first and still world’s only underground nuclear waste repository.

She later co-founded and managed two environmental technology companies: Earthstone International and Growstone. She served eight years on the EIB, a regulatory board in charge of environmental management and consumer protection for the State of New Mexico. Under her tenure the EIB spear-headed the passage of the most comprehensive regulations on greenhouse gases in the country.

Today, she is again concentrating her passion to inform and enlighten through her film company CNS Communications, LLC. Her new film, Dying to Know has been a labor of love she has cultivated on and off for 18 years; footage so compelling, it was haunting her to finish. She is grateful to be back to her life’s passion making films & telling meaningful stories.

You can find out more about Gay and this wonderful film at

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