Season 1, Episode 168: Gordana Biernat – Speaker, Mentor & Change Agent

Today’s guest is Gordana Biernat. Gordana is an experienced and accomplished Speaker, inspiring her audience with talks about the Perception of Physical Reality and Time, Consciousness, Creativity, Leadership, Art, Male & Female Dynamics and Relationships.

Gordana is curious, flexible, multicultural and multilingual. She cannot be labeled but she is most often described as passionate, creative and audacious, constantly learning and searching.

An outstanding Mentor and Change Agent, she works with both individual and corporate clients, providing knowledge and encouragement necessary for allowing and implementing change, assisting those who seek knowledge and self-development through intellectual and spiritual inquiry, and a greater sense of being through exploring the worlds seen and unseen.

As a sought-after Workshop Leader, often called upon to facilitate workshops, moderate panels, and conduct training of multinational corporations. As a Writer and Thinker, Gordana influences conscious communications through higher thought.

Gordana holds M.A. in Art History and Art Sciences, Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Communication and Media at Lund University in Sweden.

When not on assignment, Gordana enjoys Life, her Family, serious reading, food and wine.

You can learn more about Gordana at, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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