Season 4, Episode 395: Jennifer Hurvitz – Blogger, Speaker, Podcast Host & Coach

Today’s guest is Jennifer Hurvitz. Jennifer was born and raised (ever-so-proudly) in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University, where she received her BS in Family and Child Ecology and Adolescent Development.

Jennifer Hurvitz

She blogs regularly at The Truth Hurvitz, which has really made her life quite interesting. As a blogger, Jen is real. She’s a truth-teller, and she won’t hold back. Take it, or leave it…and most of her readers take it. And keep coming back for more.

She’s Sassy and witty…heartfelt, and relatable, as she shares her stories about all things divorce, and dating. Adored by many, for her honesty and candor…Jen’s biggest fans are her sons, Jonah and Zac. And she gets a kick out of helping them write “real” stuff in middle school English class!

You can learn more about her by going to

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