Season 1, Episode 62: Jody Kaylor – Creative Solutions Coach & Image Consultant

Today’s guest is another great friend of mine, Jody Kaylor. Jody is a Creative Solutions Coach and Image Consultant based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Whether as a bank Vice President in New York in the 1980s, working in inter-governmental administration for a decade in Paris, operating through her alter-ego Madame Sophie or advising individuals, couples or CEOs, Jody has an exquisite capacity for weaving the practical, profound, and intuitive in delivering personalized content.

Jody has spent her life in exploration and employs the most effective methods she has found.  With ease, flair and deep wisdom, she blends grounded practices with play, knowing that creative solutions trump suffering on the transformational journey.

You can find her at,, or her alter-ego at You can also visit this link for Jody’s free video of her “Step On It” decision-making process: and click here for info on her June Quantum Leaping workshop.

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