Season 1, Episode 85: Josh Shuckman – Social Change Agent & Entrepreneur

Today’s guest is Joshua Schukman. Joshua is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Social Change Nation where he hosts a podcast featuring interviews with the world’s leading social entrepreneurs – folks whose businesses are making a dollar AND even more importantly, a difference.

If you are looking to build a cause-based business or add a cause-based component to an existing business, Social Change Nation is designed to help you learn from the best change agents in the biz.

Joshua is absolutely passionate about social change – and he truly believes that cause-based business is one of the most effective tools to that end. Social change requires influence over systems, policies, and people – and businesses have that influence. Thus, Joshua’s mission in life is to support any business that combines purpose with profit as part of their own mission.

Paul Polak’s book, Out of Poverty.

You can find out more about Joshua at

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