Season 1, Episode 131: Kimberly Rinaldi – Coach, Speaker, Author & Radio Show Host

Today’s guest is Kimberly Rinaldi. Kimberly is a Speaker, Author and Radio Show Host, who shares her decades of experience as a Certified Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Success Coaching, Reiki and other healing modalities. As a Psychic and Medium she also uses her intuitive abilities and skills to help clients achieve their goals in the quickest and most effective manner.

After creating a highly successful private coaching practice, she now teaches Lessons in Joyful Living through her daily radio show on the Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network. With millions of monthly listeners, Kimberly, her guests and her team of hosts are touching and empowering others, proving you have the ability to break through any and all barriers.

While Kimberly’s connection to the spirit world started at a young age, she chose to suppress it as she got older. It wasn’t until she’d had a life altering, life affirming, life-between-lives experience that she understood this was the final piece of the puzzle for her.

Kimberly ultimately believes there is a lesson in everything and when you can “Bless the Lesson” you have found the healing. You are not your past and you have the ability to be better than where you come from. Her passion for helping others heal and find joy in their lives is evidenced in her commitment to sharing all that she has learned and experienced through her own healing process.

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