Season 1, Episode 42: Maritza Parra – Author, Speaker, Heart-Centered Marketing Coach

Today’s guest is Maritza Parra. Martiza is an author, speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping you unlock your spiritual potential and uncover your amazing value – the brilliant contribution ONLY you can uniquely make to other people in the world. As part of that process, she helps you to shine your brilliance in such a light that other people will see it and be willing to pay you for your full worth.

If you’ve ever thought of starting your own heart-centered business or writing your own book on mindful living, but were afraid that you couldn’t make a living at it, Martiza is here to help.

There is not, nor will there ever be anyone with the same blend of talents, gifts, skills, inspiration and extraordinary-ness as YOU, and Maritza knows you are here to do something big.

You can learn more about her and her list-building mastermind at

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