Season 3, Episode 326: Maura Barclay – Author and Founder of Unbreakable Woman

Today’s show kicks off Women’s Empowerment Month here on Consciously Speaking, and we’re super excited to present Maura Barclay.

Maura Barclay

Maura is a former fire fighter, two-time title-winning body builder and martial artist. She founded Unbreakable Woman® in 2004 and her book Compassionate Self-Defense & Empowerment was published in 2013. She brings over two decades of mind-body teaching expertise to her programs and has presented her signature seminars across the nation at Fortune 500 companies, conferences and federal agencies such as the IMF.  She also consults as a violence prevention Subject Matter Expert for the US Military.

Maura recently completed a four-day intensive Threat Assessment Academy with Gavin de Becker and Associates, focusing on violence prevention in the workplace, schools and providing protection to individuals. Her programs include Intuitive Empowerment, Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention and Stress Resilience and Mindfulness Training.

You can learn more about her at

Resources discussed in episode:
Book: Gavin de Becker ~ Gift of Fear
Book: Maura Barclay ~ Unbreakable Woman: Compassionate Self Defense & Empowerment

Tune in all of the month of November for stories by women, for women, and in support of women everywhere!

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2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 326: Maura Barclay – Author and Founder of Unbreakable Woman

  1. Wow! A powerful and enlightening interview. It helped me to better digest last week’s episode, “#metoo”. After listening to that episode, I felt frustrated about how the answer to women being threatened, harassed or assaulted presented was violence against the perpetrator by “kicking their ass”. I didn’t see how that would help solve the problem but am clearer now that confronting them can help to get them to back down but is only a band-aid.
    I wholeheartedly agree that conscious men are a big part of the solution and I’m grateful to hear this message being explained so clearly. I also love the theme of Women’s Empowerment for November. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment, Beth!
      I read your comment on the last episode and couldn’t agree more, AND I know this episode was about to release so I delayed my reply.
      As Maura and I talked about in this episode, a quick fix (someone stepping in to interrupt the predator), is really only only a band-aid and the interruption is likely to be brief.
      And until we can resolve the issue, I hope we’ll keep trying to step forward in every way we can to address the problem (even if only for a moment).
      I so appreciate you getting involved in the discussion and I want more of it. I think most of us men do. Don’t hold any punches – let us know when we’re off track. We need it. 🙂

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