Season 1, Episode 36: Melanie Elkin – Creator and Founder of Yoga’licious

Today’s guest is Melanie Elkin. Melanie is the creator and founder of Yoga’licious where she passionately supports women in re-creating a conversation around their bodies and themselves that is sustainable, uplifting, confidence building, satisfying, and makes them want to scream on the mountain tops “I am delicious”.

Melanie doesn’t do quick fixes or cookie cutter exercise and yoga routines but instead guides women to create something that honors them, their bodies, and everything else they do in their lives! When she found yoga in her own healing journey, she knew she had found a practice that brought her back to listening to her body and supported her in a radical self-confidence that wasn’t dependent on what she ate or how many chaturangas she did.

Melanie knows how important this message of body love is, and she is committed to bringing it to as many women as she possibly can.

To learn more you can find her at

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