Season 1, Episode 67: Morgan Sontag – Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Educator

Today’s guest is Morgan Sontag who says “Resolving issues doesn’t have to be hard!” She is an extraordinary life coach, psychotherapist, educator, trainer, catalyst, and graduate of the Hendricks Institute Transformational Leaders Program.

Morgan specializes in employing cutting-edge approaches that help dissolve negative mental patterns–criticizing, defending, denying, withholding, etc.– which prevent full self-expression. Weaving quick-witted humor with fun, Morgan guides clients to expand their capacity for joy by opening “stuck” places to unleash freedom and hidden potential.

Daily doses of tear-streaming laughter, surprises, theater, traveling, meeting people, and learning as much as possible keep life fresh and enlivening for Morgan, and you can find out more about her and what she has to offer at

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