Season 3, Episode 317: Natalie Hill – Spiritual Entrepreneur and Mojo Mentor

Today’s guest is Natalie Hill. Natalie is a spiritual entrepreneur and money, marketing and mojo mentor. She specializes in helping spiritual women with big dreams create a prosperous business that changes lives.

A few short years ago, Natalie gave up her income, her home and all her possessions, to see if it was truly possible to start from scratch, anywhere in the world and create a prosperous business that expressed her Soul’s Purpose.

When she had her first $10,000 month living on the beach in Thailand, she knew she was onto something.

Her paradigm-shifting discovery was that building conscious mojo is even more important than marketing.

Natalie now helps other gutsy women entrepreneurs develop the mojo and learn the marketing to make great money with a business that expresses their Soul’s Purpose.

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