Season 1, Episode 91: Nick Pereira – Youth Speaker and Leadership Coach

Today’s guest is Nick Pereira. For the past 10 years,  Nick has experienced both failure and success in business and in life, each time gaining valuable lessons and secrets to achieving new levels of peace, joy and success.  After a promising career in the music industry, being the #1 Touring Artist in his genre, having a Hit Single on the Radio, a record deal and countless opportunities opening to him, Nick’s dreams were fading quickly and a life-altering car crash sealed the final blow.

However, Nick turned it all around and shifted course. Now he coaches people from various walks of life; from high-level professionals to stay at home moms, from six figure financial advisors, political figures, realtors, teachers and teens.

Nick is uniquely gifted in the art of helping people break through their limiting beliefs and create the mental shifts in their life to allow for new and better results.  When Nick speaks, he is speaking from personal experience, about his own tremendous hurdles, from filing for Bankruptcy, giving up a pot addiction, and restoring love in his relationships. Nick combines his “real life” experience with the training and education of being a coach and working with some of the best in the industry, you get a combination that creates long lasting results.   Today Nick spends his time as a youth speaker and leadership coach.

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