Season 1, Episode 157: Perfection

Does your pursuit of perfection stop you in your tracks?

In today’s short topical content episode, Michael discusses perfection and our human pursuit of it. It is a top-of-mind thought right now, as he is gearing up to launch a new podcast, Your Daily Fix.

Do you let striving for perfection stand in the way of taking the leap? Do you hold out for that someday/one-day moment when all of the stars are aligned and your project or song or novel or masterpiece is absolutely perfect before you can release it to the world?

The world is waiting… but not for perfection. Just for you… as you are.

You’ll also hear some beautiful words from Ram Dass and C. JoyBell C. In addition, Michael shares some upcoming concept changes for Consciously Speaking and welcomes your input.

If you’d like to join the launch team for Your Daily Fix, just drop us a line at You’ll get all of the inside scoop on the details of the launch and be the first to know the exact date. PLUS, all you need to do to help out is share it with your friends, subscribe to the show, and write a rating and review on opening day. Thanks for helping out!

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