Season 1, Episode 146: Sasha Laghonh – Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Coach and Radio Host

Today’s guest is Sasha Laghohn. Sasha brings over fifteen years of experience in the spiritual realm by working with private and commercial clients globally of all faiths, backgrounds and lifestyle preferences. She provides spiritual counseling, life coaching and self-development services.

As an accredited CHC and CLSC professional, Sasha works with clients seeking alternative forms of Holistic, Wellness and Life coaching. Her coaching is tailored carefully to reflect the goals of her clients.

To compliment her practical endeavors, Sasha is a naturally born clairsentient and clairvoyant who began experiencing her gifts by the age of five. With time’s progression, her God-given gifts grew stronger leading her to encounter premonitions that were later proven to be true along her journey. As she caters to a global audience, she has experience working in private practice and on public platforms delivering intuitive reading services while also offering private life coaching sessions.

You can check out her radio shows “Sasha Talks Spirituality” on BlogTalkRadio, and “Sasha Talks” or “Awaken with Sasha” on BBS Radio.

You can learn more about Sasha at

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