Season 1, Episode 7: Ariaa Jaeger – Spiritual Life Strategist

I had the terrific pleasure of speaking with Ariaa Jaeger for Episode 7. Ariaa is an internationally recognized Spiritual Life Strategist, Visionary, Intuitive, Natural Healer, Philosopher, Author & People Magnet who has taught and inspired millions around the world.

Ariaa is the author of the highly acclaimed books, Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul and The Book of Ariaa~ Quotes for a Luminous Life, the contents of which have already impacted millions in social media since 2009. Ariaa was featured by CNN and Huffington Post for her impact in social media and she has also appeared on “Oprah and PBS and innumerable radio shows. Since her clinical death in the Austrian Alps in 1993, Ariaa has devoted her life to helping people from every culture to heal, prosper, evolve and transform their lives.

Ariaa inspires and teaches spirituality, meditation and profound yet practical principles to live a life of joy, love and abundance. Her prayers have resulted in the instant transformation of thousands of lives and it is said that everything she prays for another comes to pass. Her healing gifts are widely known in the spiritual community. With extraordinary spiritual gifts, visible halos of light and tangible electric energy, Ariaa has worked with and helped millions across the globe in their personal transformation.

In 2009 Ariaa was nominated and elected as an Official Ambassador for the Love Foundation. As an animal rights activist, environmentalist and humanitarian she donates her time and energy to help create a better world. Ariaa is also a gifted singer who was invited to sing at the United Nations Spirit Awards in 2009.

When asked what she does for a living, Ariaa’s answer is quite simple; “I move mountains.”

You can learn more about Ariaa at

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