Season 1, Episode 81: Adria DeCorte – Healthy Living Strategist and Podcaster

Today’s guest is Adria DeCorte. Adria is a Healthy Living Strategist, helping female entrepreneurs simplify kitchen time so they can eat meals that fuel hustle and have the energy to change the world.

Adria has an M.S. with 6 years experience as a Plant Scientist and now creates entrepreneurs personalized plant-powered meal plans and healthy living strategies designed to fit in their unique schedules while powering their incredible business and lifestyle goals.

Adria will take the TEDxWomen stage in May 2015 with a talk titled “How food fuels hustle” and is passionate about her movement of women change-makers taking care of themselves in small but significant ways. She also hosts the Feed Your Hustle podcast where she talks with successful female entrepreneurs about the self-care balancing act behind their business.

Adria’s advice has been featured on the Fox Morning News Las Vegas, The Starters Club Podcast, and Fresh Eats Radio, and she’s the host of the annual half-day event Finding Your Balance in Vegas.

You can also learn more about Adria at, check out her Feed Your Hustle Facebook group:, and get her free 3-Minute Morning Meal Plan

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