Season 1, Episode 175: Shannon Algeo – Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Podcast Host

Today’s guest is Shannon Algeo. Shannon’s goal is to bring light and connection to the world through transformative tools and powerful conversations that honor our humanity, empower us on our journey, and challenge us to show up in the world as leaders who take 100% self-responsibility for our lives.

Shannon’s approach as a life coach is based on his own spiritual journey from heartbreak, job loss, scarcity, and fear to self-compassion, career empowerment, wholeheartedness, and love. He believes that we learn what our purpose is by first learning what our purpose isn’t.

From dancing and singing on stage, to living in a tent while cooking on an organic farm, to being a passionate fundraiser for AIDS research and the Obama campaign to his catering days at swanky NYC parties, and being the PR/social media guy and book editor for an author, Shannon is living proof that there are no rules when it comes to how to live YOUR life. We learn what our purpose is by taking action and learning valuable information from the actions we take.

Shannon also believes that our soul is the voice of spirit inside each of us that wants us to evolve and transform into unconditional love. He is here to hold sacred space for transformative soul conversations that clarify and connect you to your purpose and generate commitment to powerful, measurable actions in the real world that align with your purpose.

You can find out more about Shannon at And here is the link to his retreat info: Mexico.

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