Season 1, Episode 166: Takiyah Diamond – Author, Coach & Enlightenment Speaker

Today’s guest is Takiyah Diamond. Takiyah is an author, enlightenment speaker, life coach and mentor. Her new book entitled “Get your life together” has been opening the minds of many bringing them from the dark stories of life to a new vision in the light.

Her process guides you to transforming your life by understanding thought processes, programs and paradigms that sabotage you, while rewiring your mindset to one that is more powerful and positively productive leading you to prosperous living. Takiyah helps you understand why you feel stuck in a life that no longer serves you and more importantly… she helps you break the chains that are keeping you stuck as you walk into freedom and liberation.

Her Minds Up book series, includes Get Your Life Together, Wisdom Words of Consciousness, and Snap Out of It is due out this September.

You can find out more about Takiyah at

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