Have you ever noticed that right after reading a new self-improvement book, or attending a terrific workshop from one of your favorite mentors, you walk away with tremendous feelings of elation and a whole new vigor to conquer the world?  I know I do.  It’s fantastic!

Have you also noticed how that feeling seems to fade away after a couple of weeks or a month or two?  You’re not alone.  I noticed this several years ago after a week-long sales training in the pharmaceutical industry.  We all walked away pumped and excited about our new “tools” and we stormed right out into the world of one-on-one meetings with doctors everywhere.  Then, after about two weeks, I noticed that I had drifted right back into my old patterns.  Not only was the enthusiasm gone, but all of the new tools I’d learned were gone as well.  Poof!  Just like that.

There has even been a term coined for this occurrence – it’s called the “suntan effect”.  You go away for a week of vacation and come home with that golden bronze tan, only to watch your skin go back to its natural color within a couple of weeks.  Pharmaceutical companies, and in fact all sales oriented businesses, are well aware of this phenomena.  That’s why they continue to spend billions of dollars on sales trainings year after year.  

As I pondered this dilemma, I developed a personal theory and a set of practices to prevent this from happening over and over again in my own life.  I call it The Art of Forgetting, and I’d love to share it with you.  In its written form, I have affectionately nick-named it The Second-to-Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need.  Think about it – how many self-improvement books out there proclaim to be able to put you on a path to the life you want to live?  You devour those books like a piece of your favorite cake.  However, if the results were sustainable, why would you ever need to read another one?  Your life would be grand!

And don’t get me wrong here – I’m not laying any blame on the book or the author.  As a matter of fact, I’m in full belief that you know exactly which book you need to suit your life, be it Byron Katie’s Loving What Is, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, or Gay and Katie Hendricks’ Conscious Loving.  The challenge lies in assimilating that new information into an old system.

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