Season 4, Episode 388: Valerie Lemme – FutureVisioning Coach & Healer

Today’s guest is Valerie Lemme. Valerie was born with a dark future and tried with commitment to heal her emotional wounds and physical problems. For 39 years she tried therapy, self-healing, hypnotherapy, NLP, spirituality, seminars, books and meditation.

Valerie Lemme

She looked to experts for answers, and ultimately became a hypnotherapist, and accredited Journey Practitioner. At the end of her unsuccessful efforts, she was in worse shape than ever. Back and joint pain, acid reflux, anxiety, and her 5th marriage headed for divorce.

She felt that there was something terribly wrong… with her.

That’s when she heard about Ti Caine’s FutureVisioning and dove in.

She ultimately healed her back, acid reflux, joint pain, menopausal hot flashes and high blood pressure. FutureVisioning saved her marriage, too.  Now she shares this work with her clients and creates rapid permanent change and healing for them as well.

You can check out what she’s up to by going to

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