Season 1, Episode 194: Bruce Langford – Anti-Bullying Expert, Speaker & Podcast Host

Today’s guest is Bruce Langford. Bruce became passionate about helping bullied children in 2003 when he saw first-hand the negative effects of bullying in the school where he taught. Bruce left the profession to become an entrepreneur and has delivered anti-bullying and respect presentations nationally and internationally for over a decade.

Bruce was invited by Brian Tracy to be a co-writer in the best-selling book, Cracking the Success Code.

Taking his work a step further, this month, Bruce will launch his own podcast called Mindfulness Mode. In it, he will feature interviews and stories from people who use mindfulness in their lives to increase focus, improve concentration and discover a higher level of happiness.

Interviews will include brain science experts, meditation enthusiasts, authors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and even me. You can find his show on iTunes and his website,, and check out more about Bruce at

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