Season 1, Episode 193: Leonard Irwin – Life Coach & Spiritual Medium

Today’s guest is Leonard Irwin. Leonard lives by two words: Spirit and Empowerment

That’s his formula for living a high performance life.  On the soul side, he uses the gift of medium-ship to connect with those who have passed on.  On the empowerment side, he uses his gift as a Life Coach to help people reach new heights in their life.

As a light worker, Leonard believes medium-ship is a gift to serve others.  First and foremost, by connecting people to spirit to share messages from loved one’s who have passed on, and also because he believes coaching empowers people to see how they can create a kick-ass life.

Leonard enjoys combining these two passions and gifts and sharing them with the world.  We are not here to play small.  Spirit and Empowerment combine to create a powerful formula for life.  Both of these gifts help people to gain a new perspective, heal and move on.

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