Season 2, Episode 294: Devin Slavin – Conscious Webpreneur and Online Course Creation Mentor

Today’s guest is Devin Slavin. Conscious Webpreneur is Devin’s calling, and for the past 10 years, he has fully immersed himself in an exploration of leadership, sustainability, and online business. As the world becomes increasingly challenged by environmental and social issues, it has become clear to Devin that he is here to help conscious leaders gain traction in making their visionary projects a reality. He believes the Earth and all people need this new leadership to rise up and thrive while we still have a chance to turn around the crises we face.

Luckily, Devin has been blessed with the opportunity to experience tremendous success in growing online businesses – building online platforms, creating just about every major type of online product or program out there – and now wish to use these skills and knowledge to empower others to do the same!

Devin Slavin is a conscious business coach and consultant who helps leaders and change-makers create their online business platform, share their message with the world, and thrive financially while making a difference.

He’s also the host of the Online Course Creation Summit – where he’ll be interviewing 40 of the best online entrepreneurs and course experts from around the world on how to design, build and launch your own world-changing online course.

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