Season 1, Episode 106: Dr. Gregory Canillas – Psychologist & Professor

Today’s guest is Dr. Gregory Canillas. Known to friends and colleagues as “Doc”, he is a psychologist and professor that takes a “keep it real” approach to both his work with clients and in training the next generation of therapists.

Doc’s easy going attitude, coupled with a sharp insight that misses nothing, has made him popular with students and clients alike.  His clinical work, research and teaching have focused on the entire range of relationship issues from trauma, abuse and infidelity to conflict resolution, spirituality and self-esteem.

He has worked with children, adolescents, adults, students, foster parents and anyone who needed help to better understand themselves, their relationships and their place in the world.  Doc’s goal is to use his considerable education and experience to help people to live their best lives.

You can find out more about Doc at The Chicago School or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t miss Michael being interviewed on Accentuate the Positive Radio this week by KAren Swain. You can hear him talking about everything from his days as a knight in shining armor to his upcoming book The Art of Forgetting.

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