Season 1, Episode 9: Guided Meditation #1 with Michael Neeley

Whether you are a regular practitioner or a beginner, the intention of this guided meditation is that you stoke the fire of your passion for the practice. If you’ve been meditating much in life, a lot of this may seem very basic; however, it is always important to remember the beauty of its simplicity. So, please consider this a refresher.

If you are a novice, it will all seem new to you. Please enter it with the understanding that this is not a normal guided meditation – because there is no such thing. A guided meditation can take on as many forms as the variety of a butterfly’s wings. Today, you will be guided and informed simultaneously. I hope to dispel some of the prevalent myths and misconceptions about meditation. And while there are many schools of thought on the topic, in all of my studies on both meditation and Buddhism, I have found the basic premises to be the most beneficial.

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