Season 1, Episode 114: Guided Meditation #16 with Michael Neeley

Do you frequently feel crunched for time? Are there simply not enough hours in your day? Perhaps no one is more aware of this than Dr. Eric Maisel, the author of many books, including Ten Zen Seconds: Twelve Incantations for Purpose, Power and Calm.

In Consciously Speaking’s guided meditation series today, Michael will guide you through Eric’s twelve breath awareness incantations that are meant to get you into a Zen meditation pose quickly. Few people have time for one hour, or even a half-hour meditation session during the day. But, Ten Seconds of Zen can be worked into your day almost anytime, anywhere.

Five seconds on the inhale, five seconds on the exhale. Repeat this several times and you’re on your way to relaxation and calm.

This powerful, ten-second technique that we will practice today can change your stress into calm, strength and centeredness. The basis of The Ten Second Pause is using a single deep breath as a container for a specific thought.

The technique is simple to grasp, simple to use, simple to practice and simple to master. It can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone and it’s benefits are profound. You may find yourself able to do things that previously felt too painful or too difficult to attempt. You’ll be able to calm and center yourself before an important meeting or conversation. You’ll be able to change your basic attitudes about life, becoming calm and positive where before you may have been anxious or pessimistic.

These Chakra Zen Incantations we are about to do are based on the breath-awareness teachings from Eric’s book, which you can learn more about on my website or find on

  • My energy   . . .   is free of blockages
  • My root chakra   . . .   is deeply grounded
  • My sacral chakra juices   . . .   are creative and bold
  • My solar plexus   . . .   feels mellow and calm
  • My heart   . . .   is filled with love
  • My throat   . . .   speaks the truth
  • My third eye   . . .   intuits inner knowledge
  • My crown chakra   . . .   projects inspiration
  • My chakras   . . .   are spinning in alignment
  • My aura   . . .   is colorful and clutter-free
  • My lightbody   . . .   beams brightly
  • I am   . . .   centered and balanced

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