Season 1, Episode 212: Guided Tonglen Meditation #30 with Michael Neeley

A short guided meditation on sending and receiving for beginners

This episode of Consciously Speaking’s guided meditation series is focused on the practice of “tonglen”, and will be guided by your host, Michael Neeley.

Tonglen is Tibetan for “giving and taking” or “sending and receiving”. It is, at its roots, the practice of taking in pain and suffering and sending out peace and healing. You can use this practice on yourself or for the benefit of another person or animal, a group of people, or even the planet. That’s up to you.

In this practice, you visualize taking on the suffering of others with your in-breath, and spreading happiness and peace on your out-breath. You may select an individual in need, an animal, yourself, a group of people or even the planet as the beneficiary of your practice.


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