Season 1, Episode 20: Juna Mustad & Justin Milano – “Daily Relationship” Creators & Coaches

Today’s episode is double the pleasure and double the fun, as I have the honor of hosting two guests at once: Justin Milano and Juna Mustad.

Juna is an Intuitive, as well as a Life & Relationship Coach.  Her intuitive coaching sessions are skillfully woven with the Hendricks Institute’s whole body coaching techniques and somatic experiencing. Her unique gift is her ability to make personal growth not only sustainable, but deeply enriching, rewarding and fun.

Justin is an explorer of life and always open to the next discovery. Professionally, he likes to describe himself as a “yogipreneur,” or a hippy in an entrepreneur’s body. He is currently the Founder of Good Startups and Executive of Hairprint Technology. When he is not creating businesses, coaching entrepreneurs, or writing, you will find him traveling to exotic spiritual locations, meditating, hiking, and savoring time with friends and family.

Together they have created Daily Relationship. It is a project where they share their relationship on video – the highs, the lows and everything in-between.

Once a week they feature a video of themselves candidly sharing an issue or potential that came up in their relationship, what relationship tool they used, and how they ultimately generated greater connection. Their desire is that these videos support other couples in easily applying these tools to their everyday relationship interactions.

Follow their adventure at or at

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