Season 1, Episode 19: Greg Richardson – Strategic Monk & Coach

Have you ever met a Strategic Monk? In today’s episode, Greg Richardson joins me to talk about his strategic approach to spirituality. Greg is a Spiritual Leadership Coach that helps people learn and strengthen a specific set of skills and abilities to develop a particular part of their lives.

Much of what Greg does as a leadership coach begins with guiding people as they bring their core values, principles, and inner strengths to bear on matters of work and leadership. He knows that leadership begins with knowing and sharing your truest self. He has been a leader in a wide variety of situations and organizations. As a criminal prosecutor and a university professor, an executive and a volunteer, he has helped bring out the best in the people around him.

Early on, Greg decided to give himself an incentive. If he met one of his main goals, he would get his first tattoo. It took him some time to decide what he would get. He considered some options, then chose his favorite story of the Desert Mothers and Fathers. These people who left the comforts of cities to live in the wilderness, planted the seeds of Western monasticism.

You can learn more about Greg and what he has to offer at, and if you are interested, Greg would be very happy to show you his tattoo.

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