Season 1, Episode 117: Kamala Chambers – Intimacy Coach, Best Selling Author & Wellness Educator

Today’s guest is Kamala Chambers. Kamala is an Intimacy Coach, Best Selling Author and has been a wellness educator for over 12 years.

At the age of fifteen, Kamala decided to leave home and hitchhike across the US, traveling with the man she thought was her soul mate. A violent end to the relationship sent Kamala on a tailspin through a life of travel and love affairs where she sought a lasting connection. Since then, she has worked with top experts in intimacy, sexuality, and relationships.

Kamala is certified in Energy Medicine, Health Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Wellness, and professionally works as an Intimacy Coach.

Kamala also works with health coaches and healers who are ready to have more clients and help more people. She blends her background in energy medicine, business coaching, and video production to empower you to have a thriving online business.

Her own online business success allows her the freedom to travel the world and vacation at her self-built eco-home on the beautiful San Juan Islands. She also co-hosts with her partner Luis Congdon, two wonderful podcasts: Lasting Love Connection and Thriving Launch.

Her book, Road to Love: Lessons & Love Letters from a Journey to Intimacy, offers you essential insights to help you have the love and connection you want.

You can learn more about Kamala at or get her free video training series at

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